Victorian Red Plate Club Inc
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Victorian Red Plate Club Inc. 

Incorporation No. A0061009Z


Welcome to the Victorian Red Plate Club.  A club for vehicles older than 25 years suitable for VicRoads' Club Permit Scheme.

We are a not for profit organisation incorporated in 2014. 

The committee are based in Shepparton.  We are up to date and able to provide you with a club that meets all VicRoads requirements.  We welcome the entire range of vehicles historic, classic, antique cars, modified, replicas, custom, motor bikes, buses and trucks.  Don't bother with a trailer.  The Victorian Red Plate Club has no meetings for members to attend.  There is no waiting period.  There is no pre approval period.  When you have that roadworthy in your hand you can send through all the pictures as per the "What to do next." page on our website.

We are COVID - 19 prepared.  The secretary working from home can be contacted directly via mobile phone or email to sort through your specific requirements to get you onto red plates as soon as possible.

The Club Permit Scheme, or colloquially known as "Red plates" is a "Registration Permit" of an unregistered vehicle recognised by VicRoads to make limited use of historic vehicles 25 years or older on the road network.

To establish if a vehicle is 25 years old the build date must be confirmed.  This can usually be found on the Vehicle Identification Plate on the firewall.  e.g. If the build date is August 1996 then you have to wait until September 2021 to obtain a roadworthy and register the vehicle on club plates.  If there is doubt about the build date then the date of first registraion will be accepted by VicRoads.

The advantages to our club are no meetings to attend and no forced club runs, no committees and no raffle tickets to sell.  There are substantial savings such as greatly reduced registration fee, no registration stamp duty and greatly reduced insurance costs.  This club is perfectly positioned to deal with the self isolation expectations of the COVID 19 health management plan.

The Club Permit Scheme has its pros and cons.  It's not for everyone but for most, red plates are a good thing, a status symbol, telling the world you have your act together, have some mechanical knowledge and that you take pride in your wheels.  For some its a link to their family history, an interesting back story that adds character and charm to their car.  Some cars have so much family history and are so treasured they are not for sale at any price.  Go to as many car shows as you can.  See what others are doing with their vehicles, have fun, meet people and spread the word about red plates. 

Before contacting the secretary, read the web site carefully.  Be aware that all vehicles going onto red plates require a roadworthy.  A fully registered vehicle must also have a roadworthy.  A VASS engineers certificate may be required if the vehicle has been modified. We are NOT VASS engineers.   i.e Air bag suspension.  Familiarise yourself with VSI 33, VSI 8 & VSI 14 etc.  It only takes half an hour to educate yourself on the Club Permit Scheme.


Account details:  Victorian Red Plate Club.  BSB: 083894  Acct. No. 840447059


Postal address:  Victorian Red Plate Club Inc. P.O. Box 1 Mooroopna 3629