Victorian Red Plate Club Inc

Modifications and VASS Engineers Certificates

If the motor vehicle has been modified outside VSI 33 you will require a VASS engineers certificate.  Kevin Winch is not a VASS engineer.  If at this point you are not familiar with VSI 33 and how it relates to your vehicle you should do a Google search and be prepared for some homework.  As a general rule of thumb, if the car is lower than 100 mm, has a big V8 with a blower, 10" rims and only driven occasionally at Calder or Winton you may need a bit more engineering work to get it on the road.

The following statements are as per the Vehicle eligibility and standards declaration for club permit vehicles.  

"If the vehicle was not originally manufactured in Australia and does not have a previous Australian registration history and was manufactured after 31 December 1968 (or in the case of a motorcycle 30 June 1975) a VASS approval certificate is required to demonstrate that the vehicle meets the ADRs that applied at the time the vehicle was manufactured.