Victorian Red Plate Club Inc

Roadworthy Certificate


Motor vehicles going onto the Club Permit Scheme must have a current roadworthy certificate which is valid for 30 days.  A motor vehicle currently on the CPS that has been purchased by a new owner must have a roadworthy certificate to enable it to be eligible for the CPS in the new owner's name.  

There are only 2 exceptions.  They are;

1.     when the owner changes clubs.  Then the roadworthy is at the discretion of the club.  It may be the previous club has folded and the motor vehicle is of a dubious roadworthy condition.  The new club may request a roadworthy to settle any disputes.  We prefer all motor vehicles have a roadworthy.  

2.     The motor vehicle is pre 1949, then a full inspection can be done by the club scrutineer.  This club prefers that even a pre 1949 vehicle has a roadworthy certificate.  We charge $400 plus expenses to scrutineer a pre 1949 vehicle and are more critical than a roadworthy inspector.  We also put the vehicle on a mechanics hoist and inspect everything.  The Red Plate Club have scrutineered less than 10 motor vehicles pre 1949 and they are concourse standard motor vehicles.


When the completed roadworthy is in your hands we swing into action as the details from that roadworthy must be entered on the VicRoads application forms.  The first form is a "Club Permit Application."  The 2nd is a "Vehicle Eligibility Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles." The secretary will complete these forms and express post them to the owner along with a letter of current club membership.