Victorian Red Plate Club Inc

Type of vehicle allowed on a permit

The types of motor vehicles allowed on the Permit Scheme are; 

  1. Veteran (Manufactured before 1 January 1919)

  2. Vintage (Manufactured after 31 December 1918 and before 1 January 1931)

  3. Classic and Historic (Manufactured after 31 December 1930 and is more than 25 years old)

  4. Trailers (Including caravans)

  5. Modified (More than 25 years old and modified outside what is permitted in the vehicle Standards or the VSI8 or VSI 33 Guidelines.)

  6. Street Rod (Pre-1949 vehicles (or replicas of pre-1949 Vehicles) and modified outside of what is permitted by the vehicle standards.)  Only the ASRF can authorise this type of vehicle. 

  7. Replica (A replica of a vehicle originally manufactured more than 25 years ago.)

  8. Machinery or mobile plant manufactured over 25 years ago.