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Red Plate Membership Form

Download Victorian Red Plate Club Membership Form



Do not submit a membership form unless you have a roadworthy certificate.

There is no waiting period to get in the Red Plate Club.  There is no rush.  You won't loose your spot.  Your motor vehicle has been around for at least 25 years, another couple of days is not a problem.  It's all about the roadworthy certificate.  When that roadworthy is in your hands we swing into action.

Membership is easy.  To join complete the top section of the Download Victorian Red Plate Club Membership Form and send a digital copy to email.  Don't worry about the nomination section.  Provide a copy of your driver's licence with your application.  A current roadworthy is required for all motor vehicles going onto red plates.

If you are an existing member of another club and already have a motor vehicle on club plates then no roadworthy is required but we still need to scrutineer the vehicle.  All vehicles must be scrutineered.  The preferred method of scrutineering is remotely via photographs you provide.

Follow the instructions on the "What to do next," page.

There are a lot of cars on "H" plates that should be on "M" modified plates.  It's not just an automatic swap over of clubs.   Don't get upset with the secretary if your supercharged Nitrous powered burn out car on H plates is rejected.  It has happened.   

The secretary will reply to your enquiry ensuring you receive excellent service.  This may be the last thing on the long "To do," list of getting your vehicle on the road.  We try and make this as painless as possible.  If you have a standard motor vehicle you can leave the club process to last before going to VicRoads BUT if your motor vehicle is modified or has some issues such as recently imported we highly recommend that you come in early in the process.  From experience, this may save a substantial amount of grief and money.   

Proof of Identity

A copy of your driver's licence to corroborate your identity is required.  This is not a specific requirement by VicRoads BUT VicRoads do require on their forms your name, residential address where the car will be garaged, your driver's licence number, date of birth and a contact phone number.  VicRoads use the drivers licence number as a customer number.  It is best practice for our club to maintain a register that includes corroborating evidence of the member's identity.  The secretary signs these documents stating the details are true and correct.

A motor vehicle owner is not required to have a Victorian drivers licence or in fact any drivers licence.  VicRoads should accept the vehicle details even if there is no drivers licence.  If you are unable to provide a drivers licence we will ask you for an alternate proof of identity document.

Your information is kept confidential.  It is only provided to VicRoads if requested.


Age limits

To register a light motor vehicle the minimum age is 16 years and 18 years for a heavy motor vehicle.  The minimum age limit is only relatively new and means that a 16 year old could join a club and register a light vehicle on the Club Permit Scheme. 


Our Fees

If after you have made the enquiries and you feel this is the club for you, pay the fee only after you receive an invoice sent via email.  Our fees are simple, an annual membership of $100 is due at the start of the financial year, 1st July.  We have a pro rata system for new memberships as the year progresses. 

The pro-rata calculation for the initial joining fee broken into quarters:

  • July, August & September = $100
  • October, November & December = $75
  • January, February & March = $50
  • April, May & June = $100 for the next financial years membership AND the last 3 months of the present financial year FREE.

For every vehicle put on the CPS we also have a one-off $100 scrutineering fee.  

As an example If it were January and you had just received the roadworthy for your lovely old car, the fees would be $50 for membership and $100 for scrutineering.  A total of $150.  In about May or June you would receive another emailed invoice for the next financial year fees. 



Older than 25 years


Calculating the vehicle’s manufacture date.


  • If your vehicle is fitted with an Australian compliance plate, the plate date is the date of manufacture.
  • If your vehicle is fitted with an import compliance plate, the date of manufacture is determined by a manufacturer’s build plate, a chassis number or documentary evidence from the manufacturer’s records.
  • If your vehicle does not meet either of the above requirements, we may determine the manufacture date based on information sourced from our registration data base, historical data, or evidence from a vehicle safety and compliance expert.


Please note:  If the day of manufacture cannot be established, therefore the day of manufacture is assumed to be the last day of the month.  


Most compliance plates have the month and year stamped into them. e.g.  If the stamped date was 01/99 then the vehicle would be eligible for the Club Permit scheme in February 2024.  Making it older than 25 years. 


Scrutineering of Pre 1949 vehicles.

In the rare occassion a "Pre 1949" vehicle requries an inspection for scrutineering we charge $400.  The vehicle will need to be in "Better than original condition."  i.e Every bolt polished and everything as new.  We have an extremely high standard.  This is not "Concourse condition." but very close.

The vehicle must be brought to us here in Shepparton for a personal inspection.  Photos can be sent prior but the vehcile still needs to be personally inspected by a scrutineer. 



Do NOT pay the VicRoads fee to us.  That must be paid to VicRoads when you collect your new red pates.

Direct deposits can be made to our NAB account.


Victorian Red Plate Club.  BSB: 083894  Acct. No. 840447059


When to Pay

A subject for special mention is when and how to pay.  An invoice will be sent via the internet to your email address.  Our time frame for service is usually the same day if you attend in person or next day via post when all the photos are sent and all is correct.


VicRoads Fees

VicRoads Fees are paid to VicRoads and increase slightly each year on the 1st of July.  It is a litle confusing but you can be confident it is much cheaper than full registration.

Vic Roads Fees from July are as follows:

  • A 45 day permit is broken down into a permit fee of $25.40, a log book fee of $3.25, a TAC charge of $55.00 makes a total of $83.65.
  • A 90 day permit is broken down into a permit fee of $50.90, a log book fee of $3.25 plus a TAC charge of $106.70 makes a total of $160.85.
  • VicRoads have a first time number plate charge of about $39.20 for 2 plates and $19.20 for one plate (Motorcycles) which is part of the initial registration fee only.
  • Slim line plates are available for a fee of about $185.


Do not transfer ownership of vehicle prior to registering vehicle on Club Permit Scheme 

If you have just purcahsed a vehicle do not race down to a VicRoads office to transfer ownership unless it is necessary. VicRoads will charge a transfer fee and stamp duty.  The transfer of ownership can be done through the Club Permit process AND there is no stamp duty.  This can be a huge saving for some vehciles. 

But, if you have too much money and feel the state government are doing a great job and deserve more money than that's good too.